Why Do Bloggers Suppose “You Get Your Weblog Out There”?


I read this question a few moments ago on Quora.

Emerging bloggers have asked it only 45 billion times.

I understand the essence of the question; They want to know how to be seen to be successful. But basically I feel the energetic problem behind the problem. I am a surgeon with energy. I feel exactly the intention behind the question and know the biggest problem with aspiring bloggers who ask in this way.

Emerging bloggers mistakenly believe that ONE BLOGGER (also known as the blogger himself) does things to give your blog enough visibility to be successful. A problem; Successful blogging is the collective effort of tens of thousands of people … not one person. A blogger can do a few things, fight, and fail. A blogger who builds a tribe and generously makes friends can, like me, lead 54,574 links to his blog. You see, I did this (below) with tens of thousands of people, from my tribe to my network of friends to the guy on the street who visited my blog after telling him to visit my blog.

Successful blogging is ALWAYS a team effort. Failed blogging is always a solo act. This is the biggest problem I have with aspiring bloggers who are asking questions about how to publish their blog. It never happens that way. 99.99% of these bloggers believe – out of fear and ignorance and sometimes with high pressure, bat droppings, deception – that 1 blogger does some things to become known and be successful. NO! Absolutely not. 1 blogger networks generously with top bloggers by helping them and asking for nothing. 1 blogger also builds steel-like bonds with his readers by engaging and serving these friendly people. What happens next? You guessed it; Over 10,000 hours of blogging service later, thousands of people – along with one blogger – create 54,574 backlinks to a blog.

Research backlinks. You will quickly see that 54,000 backlinks are not something to sneeze at.

Even better? I have built 600 backlinks in the last 9 days. Mail is coming soon. Probably tomorrow when blogging from paradise.

But it was always a team effort and never an individual effort. Also, I never intended to "get my blog out," a nebulous, airy, temporary, passive fantasy that dances around in my brain box. I made friends by helping top bloggers and not asking for anything. I've also written a lot of eBooks to offer valuable premium service. Including this helpful eBook for publishing products. Build connections to my readers? Check … oh … damn yeah. Involving my readers, listening to their needs and addressing their problems has been of paramount importance to me for many years.

So together we have created a collective effort that manifests as my success. But my success also benefited these people because my content and eBooks helped them. We all win. But it was always a team effort.

Never make the mistake of believing that 1 blogger does some things alone to gain massive publicity. Blogging never happens that way. At least successful blogging never goes this lonely wolf path. Teamwork makes the dream come true. More teammates = better. Generously comment on top blogs. Note the best bloggers on your blog. Don't ask for anything. Don't expect anything in return. Post content regularly on your blog. Aim for 2-4 posts per week. Be helpful. Make friends and attract readers by being generous. Every success goes to generous bloggers who build large, loyal networks.

Do you know how bloggers publish their blogs? Bloggers get their blog out by helping tons of professional bloggers make friends with these professionals. The professionals then mention them in their blogs and on social media. Top professionals "get your blog out" after they've made friends with you. Top professionals will befriend you after generously helping them and posting helpful content for a minute.

Successful blogging is a team sport.


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