The way to Drive Extra Visitors To Your YouTube Channel


Navigating social media and staying abreast of the latest trends has become a game that every content creator has to play to be successful.

YouTubers face several challenges, including: B. the algorithm and compliance with platform regulations to expand their channels. The evolving landscape requires the creators to adjust their sails when the wind changes direction.

One strategy that developers cannot afford is omnichannel marketing technology. This involves using multiple channels to improve your audience’s experience and drive more traffic to your YouTube channel.

Many people have a stable YouTube channel. They provide their viewers with valuable content and in return earn money with advertising. For this reason, it makes sense for developers to integrate omnichannel techniques so that more people can watch their videos.

The problem with most YouTube channels is that some of their videos explode and get
Millions of views, while others have views in a few thousand. If so
Your content works, then it's not a sustainable source of income.

Using an omnichannel technique, you get a consistent number of views for your videos, and the number of views increases over time.

Below I've listed six omnichannel techniques that you can use for your YouTube channel to maximize exposure and get more views for each of your videos.

# 1. Build an online community around your channel

If you look at some of the most successful YouTubers, you will find that
They have built a lasting social community around their channel where fans appear
interact with them and other community members.

A community of loyal followers is very important as it acts as a source of ideas that you can use for your videos in the future. Another benefit is that you can share with your audience and find out what kind of content they like.

It should be noted that community members play an important role in disseminating your
Content in their social circles. This will allow your fan base to grow quickly.

Let's take a look at some YouTubers and their communities.

The king of YouTube, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (channel name: Pewdiepie), has a Reddit submission community and almost all of its content is generated by fans. He makes his daily videos checking memes from Reddit submissions.

Reddit for Pewdiepie's online community channel to drive more traffic to the YouTube channel

Image source: Reddit

Another great example of a creator that is great for building communities is Adam Preiser (channel name: WordPress For Non-Techies). He publishes content on WordPress websites.

In addition to amazing content, he also has a Facebook group in which he interacts with his followers and asks for video ideas.

Facebook WordPress community group for non-techies strategy to drive more traffic to the YouTube channel

Image source: Facebook

# 2. Stay up to date on trends

Picking up on trends is a great way to get more attention. Expand your audience and keep your current fan base. If something happens in your niche, your fan base expects you to make a video because they want to hear your opinion on the subject.

on trend usually strengthens your bond with your audience, but before you do it
For such videos you need a thorough knowledge of the subject so that you do not end
say something you will regret later.

Marques Brownlee has one of the largest channels on YouTube for technical reviews; So when the new Mac Pro made its debut, people expected Brownlee to make a review video. And that's exactly what he did. He was the first creator to test the Mac Pro and received a lot of attention as a result.

# 3. Use social media

Social media offers YouTube creators enormous potential for strengthening their brand and organically increasing traffic. You can create a page first and then target the right people with targeted ads.

What is common with most famous YouTubers is that they all have an active one
Presence on some selected social media channels. Follow the example and try to concentrate
Your attention on platforms where your audience is most accessible. You can
Also try out different social networks and choose the one you like best

Let's take a look at some YouTubers and their social media stats:

Pewdiepie: Pewdiepie is active in all major subjects
Social media channels and has a massive following on everyone. This investment is
Crucial because he usually makes videos checking reviews from his followers.
He also advertises his own merch like Tsuki on his social networks.

YouTube – 102 million subscribers
Instagram -20.8 million followers
Facebook – 7.35 million page likes
Twitter – 19.3 million followers

Age perfect: This group of guys makes epic and daring videos on YouTube. Numerous people discover their videos on other social platforms and then follow them on YouTube (including me). This is what their following looks like now.

YouTube – 47.6 million subscribers
Instagram – 10 million followers
Facebook – 18.2 million page likes
Twitter – 413.4 thousand followers

Note that this data is correct at the time of publication.

# 4. Use Reddit

is a very popular social media channel for YouTubers. Many use it to interact
with their fans and organize new competitions among their supporters. It is also a
Good platform to share your videos and get feedback. If you're a new YouTuber,
You have to be careful because Reddit is also known to punish

Here is
a video from h3h3productions where
Ethan reacts to people who roast his picture on Reddit. The video has 7.6
Million views and is one of his most popular uploads.

# 5. Get in vlogging

is a low hanging fruit for many YouTubers, but you need to produce high quality fruit
Content to interest people.

This Sienna Santer vlog has received a lot of attention. If you scroll through their channel, you'll see that most of their videos get up to 100,000 views, but this particular vlog has a whopping 6.3 million views.

# 6. Type in word of mouth

Word of mouth gives you the most loyal subscribers because when a friend, relative or coworker tells someone about a cool YouTube channel or an interesting video, people are more likely to watch it.

Word of mouth can be achieved by giving your subscribers valuable and
enjoyable content. When people enjoy good quality content, they often do so
recommend it to your friends.

With great content, you can also grab the attention of more established YouTubers who call you on their channel. This way you can gain new subscribers.

in the
This video gives Pewdiepie
a call to Jacksepticeye.
Jack is a popular YouTuber himself. When creators work together
On these channels, as these two often do, it helps both parties increase theirs
Audience and diversify their content.


YouTubers, who understand social media and their target group, have managed to build reputable channels that offer them a steady stream of income. With a little effort, you can also create a successful channel.

and high-quality content is the key factor that determines the channels of your channel
Success. Make it a priority to connect with your subscribers and reward them
Functions and shoutouts.

If you create a sense of community with omnichannel techniques, your fans will remain loyal and will be happy to follow you on your journey.

Guest author: Osama Khabab is the founder and CEO of MotionCue. A modern video production agency based in New York that specializes in creating animated and live movie videos that aim to raise awareness and encourage action. Connect on LinkedIn and Facebook.


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