35 Legit Methods to Get Free Amazon Reward Playing cards [In 2020]


Amazon gift cards are a popular payment method for side jobs.

With gift cards, you can buy almost anything you need, and you can buy a few things you want without spending your regular paycheck.

To get free Amazon gift card codes, you can do many quick tasks online.

When you're ready to earn free gift cards, check out the options below! In fact, this could be the best advice you read today to make more money!

Get Amazon gift cards from online surveys

For most people, online surveys are the best way to get free Amazon gift cards.

In return for your opinion, you will receive reward points and on most survey pages you can exchange points for Amazon gift cards. Most surveys take less than 15 minutes! In addition to the short time to complete, surveys are easy and fun.

Maybe you share your opinion with friends for free? Now you can get paid for your time!

1. Junkie survey

If you want a legitimate survey page, join Survey Junkie. You will receive daily survey invites That means you earn gift cards earlier.

Some websites only offer two or three surveys a month. At this rate, it may take a year for you to receive a gift card!

You get points for each survey and you can get Amazon gift cards with a $ 10 credit. In addition to Amazon gift cards, you can also receive cash online via PayPal.

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2. LifePoints

LifePoints has more than 5 million members and has been in business since 1946. You join LifePoints using the LifePoints mobile app or the LifePoints desktop app.

In addition, this company encourages members from many countries. If you live outside of the US this is a great website. It's nice to know that with this website you can earn rewards and money from almost anywhere in the world!

The surveys cover a variety of topics, e.g. B. Questions about the films you watch or about current events. You may also receive invitations to try out products. You will certainly not be bored on this website.

You earn points for every survey you complete, and your reward options include Amazon and other gift cards.

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is easily one of the most popular online side jobs.

For example, you are paid for the following activities:

  • Survey
  • play games
  • shop
  • Test products
  • Web search

In addition to these tasks, you are also paid to watch videos and you can also do micro-tasks for points.

For these reasons, Swagbucks is a very popular choice for survey sites. With Swagbucks, you can make money from daily activities with minimal effort. In other words, you don't have to change anything to make money unless you have to join Swagbucks first.

With a $ 3 credit, you get Amazon gift cards. Few secondary businesses on the Internet offer such a low reward record. On other websites, your balance may need to be $ 10 to receive an Amazon card.

For more tips, check out our Swagbucks review to maximize your time in the app.

4. Ipsos I-Say

Ipsos I-Say pays you for answering surveys and testing products.

As a loyalty bonus, you will receive a year-end bonus for every survey you conduct. With this bonus, you can collect up to 600 additional points and exchange those points for an Amazon gift card worth $ 5.

In addition to paid surveys and product tests, you also take part in free Ipsos competitions. Earn free entry every time you collect points. For example, you can win extra money or a free vacation from a competition.

5. American consumer opinion

American consumer opinion pays up to $ 50 per survey. In addition to opinion polls, you can also test new products.

You earn more per survey than opinion polls or testing new products. However, surveys are less common on this website. In fact, just expect to receive survey invitations several times a year.

You may want to join a second site because poll invitations are rare. However, if you do surveys occasionally, some surveys may be perfect.

With any type of survey page, you need to find a good rhythm for taking the surveys. If you find websites that you like, use them as often as possible and enter as many opinions as possible.

6. Nielsen National Consumer Panel

Perhaps you know Nielsen, the world-famous statistics company. After all, they have the famous "Nielsen family".

Well, Nielsen doesn't just monitor television and listening habits. You also want to know what you buy every week. You want to get to know the subtleties of our buying habits.

With the National Consumer Panel platform, you can be paid for shopping. First, scan the product barcodes of the products you buy in everyday life. Second, indicate what price you paid. You will then receive bonus points by carrying out a short opinion poll on the product itself.

Notice, Scan your purchases weekly to collect bonus points. As a loyalty bonus, NCP pays more per scan if you don't miss a week.

Amazon gift cards are one possible way of redeeming prizes! Don't forget to share your Amazon purchases so you can earn bonus points.

7. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel's best rewards, including free Amazon gift cards

With PrizeRebel you can begin Earn money in 10 seconds. You can even earn points for viewing ads and they pay points for online surveys and product testing.

Regarding Amazon gift cards, PrizeRebel can give you a gift card worth $ 2. This is the cheapest reward possible with PrizeRebel.

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8. Toluna

Toluna is a partial survey website and partial social media platform where you can also test products. In fact, Toluna offers more product testing than most survey sites. You can interact with the other 10 million Toluna members on the platform for an online game and take part in a friendship competition.

Finally, you can redeem reward points for gift cards or cash.

9. iPoll

iPoll pays up to $ 5 per survey and so do you Receive a sign up bonus of $ 5! There is a chance that you could earn $ 10 on your first survey. Amazon gift cards are one of your reward options.

As with other survey sites, each survey has a quarterly cash draw of $ 10,000. If you want a legitimate survey app, iPoll is worth a look. It is open to many countries around the world.

10. InboxDollars

Another leading website that pays for your opinion is InboxDollars. They will not only pay you to take surveys, but also to watch videos, play games and shop online for cash. See our InboxDollars review for more information.

And you will Earn a $ 5 sign up bonus only!

You will also receive a bonus every time your recommended friends make money, and you will also receive a bonus from their friends!

11. Survey point

Ok, with Survey Spot you can redeem your reward points for these gift cards:

  • Amazon
  • iTunes
  • PayPal
  • Frequent flyer miles of the airline

Of course, Amazon will be your first choice, but you never know when air miles can be useful!

Finally, there is a $ 10,000 quarterly draw that you can take part in!

12. YouGov

YouGov asks you what you think about people, films, brands and current events and about you Earn 2,000 bonus points ($ 20) as a welcome bonus!

With this bonus you receive gift cards or cash. In most cases, surveys pay 250 points and you can redeem your credit when it reaches 5,000 points ($ 50).

13. Knowledge Panel

The Knowledge Panel pays $ 1 per survey that you can redeem for Amazon gift cards. You will receive a survey invitation every week. On average, each survey takes 10 to 15 minutes You will receive a $ 10 bonus after your first survey.

If you don't have internet access at home, the Knowledge Panel can help you. To participate in surveys, they offer computer and dial-up access.

However, to join the Knowledge Panel, you must receive an invitation code via email.

14. Harris Poll

Harris Poll is one of the oldest research companies in the world. You will get your opinion on a variety of topics related to consumer habits and current event surveys.

Harris Poll not only collects points on every survey, it also runs cash prize draws. With every survey you will receive an entry in the biweekly cash draw. There are also quarterly and annual competitions!

After all, Harris is also one of the few online survey sites for teenagers. If you don't know, you usually need to be 18 to take surveys.

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Receive gift cards directly from Amazon

The first place to look for free Amazon gift cards is at the Amazon source. Sometimes it's worth starting at the source to get free gift cards. Yes, Amazon pays you for your loyalty.

15. Amazon Trade-In

Try the Amazon Trade-In Store for your unwanted items and they'll even accept items you don't buy on Amazon!

Amazon can buy back the following items:

  • Gaming platforms and video games
  • Kindle e-reader
  • Books
  • Wireless devices
  • Tablets
  • Smart watches
  • DVDs
  • music

As a personal example, Amazon offered to buy a DVD I own for $ 15. A few years ago I paid $ 18 for the DVD! On other buyback sites, however, I may only earn a few dollars for the same film.

Another good trade-in option is selling your old Amazon Kindle. This trade will upgrade you to a new version and Amazon will give you an Amazon gift card and a $ 20 bonus!

Not all trade-ins will be so lucrative on Amazon. Sometimes they only offer a few dollars. Or they may not want your item if the demand is low.

Perhaps it is better if you sell your used books on BookScouter. On this website you can see the buyback price from over 42 suppliers and don't forget to get a second offer for the sale of your used electronics. After all, another technology-focused company may offer more for non-Amazon devices.

16. Amazon vouchers

Most Amazon coupon discounts are available right away, but sometimes offer Amazon gift codes when you buy selected items.

Suppose you buy a specific video game. If you do, you will receive a free Amazon gift card. First, make sure you check the Food, Health, and Beauty categories. You have the best chance of finding gift codes in these three categories.

Be sure to check out Amazon Prime to maximize your earning potential.

17. Promote Amazon products

If you own a blog or website, make money with Amazon affiliate links. You make money every time someone clicks your link and buys something. Create an account with Amazon Associates to join. Every month you can be paid in cash or with an Amazon gift card.

In addition, starting a blog is a great idea for side jobs. With a blog, you can generate steady residual income. In this case, you can earn Amazon gift cards with your new partner links.

18. Amazon Mturk

Amazon Mturk is a creative way to make money doing online tasks. Participation is free and most tasks only take a few minutes. Some tasks include surveys, data entry and web research.

For a change, most surveys are college studies. These college studies ask different questions than most online surveys. In general, they seem more personal and you don't answer as many questions about personal brands.

They can be paid for in cash or an Amazon gift card. This could be your new favorite way to get Amazon gift cards for free.

19. Reload your Amazon gift card balance

You can get a cash bonus when you top up your Amazon balance. You can redeem gift cards that you earn elsewhere, or you can rebuild your own Amazon credit with a gift card purchase.

Apps and websites that you pay for with Amazon gift cards

Sometimes online surveys are not enough. In this case, you can also make money by watching videos, shopping, or even surfing the web. In addition, you can mostly earn gift cards from your smartphone!

20. Opinion outpost

For surveys, you can also consider Opinion Outpost. In most cases, each survey takes 10 minutes or less and you're ready to start Pay out your rewards with a $ 5 credit.

Finally, you can also enter the $ 10,000 quarterly draw. Every survey you fill out gives you free entry.

21. MyPoints

Mypoints rewards including Amazon gift cards

MyPoints is the sister site of Swagbucks. Earning opportunities are similar, but redemption options may be lower for certain gifts.

It can be worthwhile to join MyPoints. You can even join both and choose the best deal every day!

22. instaGC

As the name suggests, instaGC rewards you with gift cards for your time. This may also be the easiest way to get free Amazon gift cards. With instaGC you can earn money with various activities, including surveys, videos and games, as well as opening emails!

There are also two other reasons to consider instaGC:

  • Get paid to listen to music
  • Get Amazon gift cards for just $ 1

As long as you earn $ 1 a day, you can get an $ 1 Amazon card.

23. Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards and Amazon gift cards don't sound similar at first. However, you can earn Amazon gift cards by making a simple switch. If you make Bing your default search engine, you will earn reward points. You get 5 points each time you search, then you get an Amazon gift card worth $ 5 with 5,000 points.

You can also earn bonus points by taking the daily tests, and you can also take part in daily offerings for points. Install the browser extension to find these additional offers.

Unless you need to use Google for your work or research, it's worth using Bing. Participation in Microsoft Rewards is free and a pure win! In fact, it pays off better than most web search tools.

24. AppNana

AppNana pays you for downloading and testing mobile apps. Even if you choose to delete the app, you still earn points, but you can keep the apps you want to make life easier.

With a $ 1 credit, you can buy apps or Amazon gift cards. Enter the invitation code d27034761 to receive 2500 nanas!

25. Bananatic

You can also try Bananatic to test apps. Bananatic gives you gift cards for testing games. Of course, you can redeem your points for game prizes and skins, but Amazon gift cards are another reward option.

In addition to testing games, you can also shop online and download apps. If you use the app more often, upgrade. This means that you can earn more points with each activity.

26. Gift folder

For Android and iOS users, you can also test apps with Gift Wallet. In addition to testing apps, there are other ways to earn points. For example, you can also earn points while watching videos and do other simple online tasks.

You can redeem your award coins for Amazon gift cards for the following credit:

In addition to Amazon gift cards, you can also earn iTunes and Google Play credits. You can also get Steam Rewards, or the most flexible option is PayPal cash.

Enter the reference code: VKJRXEF for five free coins!

Shopping apps that give Amazon gift cards

You can also get Amazon gift cards in other stores.

27. Honey

Do you earn cashback for almost every online purchase? If not, check out Honey.

With the Honey Gold function, you receive up to 15% cashback online and receive your cashback with an Amazon gift card.

With Honey you can also save money on Amazon. They quickly show you the best price on Amazon. Sometimes it can be cheaper to buy from a third party.

Honey tries to save you money on all online purchases. Before checking out, Honey applies all known discount codes. For example, you can save money by buying pizza or buying new clothes for the family. Although you won't get Amazon gift cards with this benefit, you save money.

In addition to gift cards, you can also receive PayPal cash for your rewards.

28. TopCashback

TopCashback is considered the "most generous cashback site" and earns up to 40% cashback. This is the case in more than 3,500 stores. TopCashback also offers a fun redemption option. With gift cards, your rewards are worth more, so you get a 3% bonus on Amazon gift cards. For example, $ 10 in cash is worth $ 10.30 in Amazon cash. This bonus is special compared to other cashback sites.

There is no minimum redemption threshold, so you can purchase an Amazon gift card worth $ 1 here.

29. Ibotta

Ibotta Homepage 3 easy ways to earn

Check out Ibotta for shopping. For example, you can earn cash in these stores:

  • Super Market
  • Convenience stores
  • Restaurants
  • Pharmacies
  • Shop online from your mobile phone at many large retailers

Not only do you save money on groceries, you also get cash or gift card rewards. Activate the offers of the Ibotta app before going to the store. Then take a picture of your receipt. The cash rewards will be deposited into your account within 24 hours.

Ibotta also offers bonus money for online purchases. Every month you receive a bonus for purchasing certain products. To earn this bonus, check the monthly bonus page. It is easier to earn these bonuses than you think.

Ibotta is also one of the few apps that can help you make purchases in the store. In most cases, shopping apps only make money for online purchases. For this reason, Ibotta is popular with many buyers.

You can finally get one $ 10 welcome bonus with ibotta. To earn the bonus, activate and redeem your first offer.

30. Shop kick

Shopkick is an app for iOS and Andriod devices that allows you to collect reward points in three different ways:

  • Go to a store and scan barcodes
  • View online shops and record prices
  • watch videos

You will also receive points for the purchase. Note that a purchase is not required. This distinguishes Shopkick from other shopping apps to get free Amazon gift cards.

Download the Shopkick app and activate location services to join the fun. Finally, open the app and visit a store. Start scanning barcodes in the store. You will receive bonus points in no time. If you have time, visit several stores on one trip.

31. Listia

To be honest, this app is different from the others. In short, you are selling items instead of buying items. When you sell on Listia, you get reward points and these points in turn buy Amazon gift cards.

You will also receive bonus points for linking your social media accounts and points for interacting with others on the Listia website. Finally, you can also refer friends for points.

As you can see, Listia is a unique app. Now you have a fun alternative to Craigslist.

32. Mobee

If you want mystery shop, Mobee is a fun app. Now you can accept missions for doing business in your city and each mission is easy to complete. You can answer ten questions about your visit in just a few minutes. Remember, be honest with your answers, otherwise you won't receive invitations to new missions.

You can redeem your reward points for PayPal cash, gift cards and goods.

33. Receipt pig

At Receipt Hog, you earn coins for in-store purchases. Yes, you will receive a credit for almost every purchase. As you can imagine, you get Amazon gift cards with coins.

If you want, you can earn bonus points by participating in paid surveys. You can also take part in competitions to win more coins.

34th drop

Use Drop to make shopping easier. With this app, it's easy to get Amazon gift cards. First install the drop app and then link your credit or debit card. After that, you'll get cash rewards if you use your card in a drop store. One of the reward options is Amazon gift cards.

Drop is free and you can link multiple cards so you don't miss a shopping session.

35. Recycle bank

Recyclebank works with local cities to offer recycling awards. You can earn points by reading environmentally friendly articles online. Sometimes you can redeem your points for Amazon gift cards. If not, there are other gift card options.


There is great demand for free Amazon gift cards. Therefore, it is easy to find them online. You may just want to focus on one activity or have time to try several options. Regardless, you shouldn't have a problem finding an entertaining way to earn it.

How did you get free Amazon gift cards in the past? What is your favorite way


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